September 17, 2015

Our AC got repaired in record time by HVAC Service Pros

hvacOur main office is in Orange County California. As you may already know, we tend to have very hot summers. The other day I went to turn on my ac and I heard a whole lot of nothing turning on. I knew immediately something was up. So I went out to check the unit and there was stuff missing. I didn’t attempt to fix it. I just went on my computer and looked for Orange County AC Repair. I came across HVAC Service Pros. They promised fast service which was exactly what I was looking for. I was skeptical at first but oh boy did they deliver. It turns out my system was out of refrigerant. I was also missing one of the coils. Who took it? No idea. The refrigerant issue I wasn’t so concerned about. This happens normally. However actual parts missing is a bit concerning. They had my system up and running in a few minutes. I was happy I could get back to work. After this awesome experience we 100% recommend them. We will go as far as to say they are the most awesome ac repair company in Orange County. You can contact them on their site and they will get back to you pretty quickly. You can also choose to call them for even faster service. I know this is a bit unusual for me to post here. But I was just so happy to get my system up and running, I want someone else to experience this great of a service. Not all home repairs need to be a pain in the ass. If I with this post can save someone time from their life, ill gladly post more reviews like this one.

February 2, 2015

The new world of technology and software bonds for contracts

A new market that has recently generated some buzz is the tech and software bonds sector. If you are familiar at all with surety bonds you will know that these type of bonds are similar to contract bonds. The only real difference is that not just any company will offer this type of bond. The reason being that technology involves a lot of factors that some of the other type of bonds don’t. To find out why we decided to do a little research. We contact several companies and got a big no. Since we are in Laguna Beach California we started looking for bonding companies in CA. We found what we think is the best California surety bonds company. When we found their site at first it was not obvious that they offer what we needed. We saw a contact form on their site so we decided to contact them. After a bit of dialogue with someone who appeared to be the owner we go more information. Sparring you all of the details they did offer what were looking for. However it was still referred to as a contract bond.

So when its all said and done if you happen to be a tech company looking for a bond to satisfy the requirements of a contract you might have a little shopping around to do. Not all bonding companies are willing to work with you in your niche. The ones that do will also try and place some additional underwriting to your contract so also be aware of that when signing. Of course you should always read something in its entirety before you sign it. In the next few years there will be an even higher demand in this type of bond so if all of the old companies don’t whip up into shape they may loose out on lots of money. There is always someone out there who is most hungrier than you in this dog eat dog world.

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November 30, 2014

Your Live Streaming Show Must Go On

kc-show-must-go-onOnce you announce and promote a live streaming event, there will (hopefully) be people planning to watch. And you owe it to them to put on an event of some kind. If your streaming provider goes down, there’s little you can do about it. But that isn’t very likely, so you need to be prepared to move forward with your planned program even if a few things go wrong. For this reason you can also make sure you find a decent provider. One example local to Laguna we have is SMH. You can find their site here If you want to get more information about their live streaming services see this page

Last-Minute Changes Lead To Disasters

One of the best things you can do to defend yourself against a failed event is to avoid last-minute changes. When you make changes, you swing open the door to all sorts of problems. Instead, make a plan, rehearse it and stick with it. Sure, it’s fine to correct typos in your PowerPoint slides, but adding new pages might ruin the flow. If your event is a success, you can provide the information you left out next time. If it’s a failure, there won’t be anyone watching anyway. Make sure everyone participating agrees to the “no last-minute changes” rule.

Have Backup Equipment When Possible

You may not have two of everything, but have backups for everything you can. Wireless microphones are a common weak point in many presentations. Have extras, and have them close at hand. You may want a backup computer mirroring your slides that you can switch to in case of a primary computer failure. Try to make sure vital computer graphics are powered from wired computers or at least backed up by wired computers for the best possible reliability.

Plan For The Worst

Discuss what will happen if something goes wrong. If there are lighting or sound failures, are backups good enough that the presenter should keep going without missing a beat? And when is it time for a presenter to stop so you can regroup? If the power goes out or someone gets very ill, what will you do? What if someone is nervous and completely flakes out? The people on stage will be grateful if you tell them how you want to handle some of the worst possible problems.

Things will probably go just fine with your event. But then again, something could wrong. Will you be prepared for your show to go on even despite some major failures? If you are, you’re running a professional and well-planned event. If you aren’t, then you aren’t.