November 30, 2014

Your Live Streaming Show Must Go On

kc-show-must-go-onOnce you announce and promote a live streaming event, there will (hopefully) be people planning to watch. And you owe it to them to put on an event of some kind. If your streaming provider goes down, there’s little you can do about it. But that isn’t very likely, so you need to be prepared to move forward with your planned program even if a few things go wrong. For this reason you can also make sure you find a decent provider. One example local to Laguna we have is SMH. You can find their site here If you want to get more information about their live streaming services see this page

Last-Minute Changes Lead To Disasters

One of the best things you can do to defend yourself against a failed event is to avoid last-minute changes. When you make changes, you swing open the door to all sorts of problems. Instead, make a plan, rehearse it and stick with it. Sure, it’s fine to correct typos in your PowerPoint slides, but adding new pages might ruin the flow. If your event is a success, you can provide the information you left out next time. If it’s a failure, there won’t be anyone watching anyway. Make sure everyone participating agrees to the “no last-minute changes” rule.

Have Backup Equipment When Possible

You may not have two of everything, but have backups for everything you can. Wireless microphones are a common weak point in many presentations. Have extras, and have them close at hand. You may want a backup computer mirroring your slides that you can switch to in case of a primary computer failure. Try to make sure vital computer graphics are powered from wired computers or at least backed up by wired computers for the best possible reliability.

Plan For The Worst

Discuss what will happen if something goes wrong. If there are lighting or sound failures, are backups good enough that the presenter should keep going without missing a beat? And when is it time for a presenter to stop so you can regroup? If the power goes out or someone gets very ill, what will you do? What if someone is nervous and completely flakes out? The people on stage will be grateful if you tell them how you want to handle some of the worst possible problems.

Things will probably go just fine with your event. But then again, something could wrong. Will you be prepared for your show to go on even despite some major failures? If you are, you’re running a professional and well-planned event. If you aren’t, then you aren’t.

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