September 17, 2015

Our AC got repaired in record time by HVAC Service Pros

hvacOur main office is in Orange County California. As you may already know, we tend to have very hot summers. The other day I went to turn on my ac and I heard a whole lot of nothing turning on. I knew immediately something was up. So I went out to check the unit and there was stuff missing. I didn’t attempt to fix it. I just went on my computer and looked for Orange County AC Repair. I came across HVAC Service Pros. They promised fast service which was exactly what I was looking for. I was skeptical at first but oh boy did they deliver. It turns out my system was out of refrigerant. I was also missing one of the coils. Who took it? No idea. The refrigerant issue I wasn’t so concerned about. This happens normally. However actual parts missing is a bit concerning. They had my system up and running in a few minutes. I was happy I could get back to work. After this awesome experience we 100% recommend them. We will go as far as to say they are the most awesome ac repair company in Orange County. You can contact them on their site and they will get back to you pretty quickly. You can also choose to call them for even faster service. I know this is a bit unusual for me to post here. But I was just so happy to get my system up and running, I want someone else to experience this great of a service. Not all home repairs need to be a pain in the ass. If I with this post can save someone time from their life, ill gladly post more reviews like this one.